Become a COSMOHair Stylist


Acquire a ZIP code and be the exclusive COSMOHair stylist in its area.

We don’t provide COSMOHair services or products to any other stylist or salon in the area.

Got more stylists in your salon? Get more ZIP codes! You will get the referral bonuses and own a larger territory!

For every 10 ZIP codes, the 11th is complimentary without any ongoing financial commitment.

In order to create the most hyped-up and luxurious hair extension line in the industry, we are committing millions of dollars in marketing and exposure on all platforms. This will require each and every member of the COSMOCrew (You) to contribute in order to make this success story a reality. Your early subscription of $499 includes your ZIP code, the initial training, and the continued education and marketing support.


Full certification on the most popular extension systems ( I-Tip & Tape). More systems to follow.

A COSMO certification kit with all the tools and materials you need to learn & practice professional hair extension installation.

Amazing exposure & client flow from our brand marketing.

When you refer a new COSMOHair stylist, you will receive a full head of hair (5 bundles of I-tip or Tape).

All COSMOHair Extensions are...

100% FULL CUTICLE REMY HAIR. This means that the cuticle is intact and all lie in the same direction.

Pricing Exclusive to certified COSMOHair stylists only.

The Secret is in The Tip

Pricing Exclusive to certified COSMOHair stylists only.

Unique Mesh Netting

Certification Value

COSMOHair is here to provide professional hairstylists with the know-how to perform the most profitable and trendy service in the beauty industry - Hair Extensions.


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Guests Will Come to You…

We advertise in Cosmopolitan Magazine. 17 million women will see our hotline 877-COSMOGirl every month. All phone calls from your zip code will be automatically forwarded to your phone number.


JOIN US ON THE ROAD TO RICHES... Call 844-COSMOHAIR to start your amazing journey today!

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