Warranty & Returns

What is the warranty of the COSMOHair extensions?                   

Your COSMOHair extensions have a 60-day warranty* on any manufactural defects that may occur from the date of purchase.  If you feel that this is the case, please contact your Certified COSMOHair Stylist immediately.

COSMOHair offers a 60-day warranty* on our elite hair. This warranty is from the date of purchase & will cover any manufacturer defects if it has been installed correctly (using COSMOHair hair, cylinders & crimper) by a Certified COSMOHair Stylist.  All hair must be sent in & tested before deemed defective. If the hair is defective, it will be replaced with new hair at no cost to the stylist. If the hair has been chemically altered in any way the warranty is voided. For more information please contact your COSMOHair representative at 844 - COSMOHAIR.

*Even if it’s past 60 days, we will still take a look at the Warranty - we take things case by case so that all COSMOHair stylists are satisfied!

Additional Warranty Qualifications

Below are listed issues that will qualify COSMOHair for Warranty:

Hair that is turning Orange/Brassy. *

Hair that is turning Pink/Lightening. *

Hair that is Un-Manageable. (Extremely Dry, Fried, Knotting &/or matting) *

Shedding. (Hair that is falling apart to soon). *

If tape tabs adhesive aren’t sticky out of the package. *

If African American hair is losing its curls/texture after 1st or 2nd wash. *

Issues that don’t qualify for a Warranty:

Smelly Hair. (Might be mineral buildup that causes the smell)

Hair that is past the warranty period.

Hair that is tinted from the use of Moroccan Oil & other similar products.

If the hair is starting to lose the polyurethane tip.  Re-tipping is an additional service.

If the hair is Frizzy, please use moisturizing/hydrating shampoos & conditioners.

If the color of the bundle received is way off from the original swatch, & the hair is still in its original package (un-opened & un-used) you can do an exchange (90 days) or return (30 days).

*Hair is only qualified for a Warranty if it has been installed.

*COSMOHair accepts warranty claims even if stylists have used purple shampoo.

*Even if it’s past 60 days, we will still look at the Warranty - we take things case by case so that all our stylists are satisfied!

*COSMOHair will need to get from you as much information as possible, please always provide pictures when requesting returns or applying for warranty.

*Hair that is sent in for testing must be clean, dry & bound. (Damp, dirty & unbound hair will be returned untested.)

COSMOHair Returns & Exchanges:

All hair that qualifies for Warranty can be returned according to the Warranty terms of COSMOHair.

Can I exchange my hair?

If by any chance you made a mistake picking the right color hair, we are happy to exchange your unopened packs with ones of the right color within ninety (90) days of you receiving your order.

Exchanges of your COSMOHair Hair Extensions order are accepted within 30 days of receiving your order ONLY if the items have NOT been opened and not taken out of the packaging.

COSMOHair can only exchange items that have not been opened, worn or tampered with!

How do I initiate a return/exchange?

E-mail us with your order number at info@cosmopolitanhair.com or at (844) COSMOHAIR or at (844) 267-6642 for further instructions on how to proceed with your exchange.

You must cover the shipping costs of the return/exchange & we recommend that you send your exchange with a tracking number. COSMOHair will not be responsible for any returns or exchange packages lost in transit.

For any additional questions please contact us at info@cosmopolitanhair.com or contact a COSMOHair representative at (844) COSMOHAIR or at (844) 267-6642.